10 Best SEO Audit Tools in 2022

10 Best SEO Audit Tools in 2022

We all know that content is king. Content is what drives traffic to our websites, and it’s what makes us money. So, we should always look for ways to improve our website’s performance.

SEO audits are an essential part of any long-term strategy for your website’s performance. They help you identify areas of your site that need some attention and find out how you can improve those areas.

SEO audit is just a snapshot of a website’s health. The best SEO audit tools provide us with information that can improve our websites in different ways.

Top 10 SEO Tools: Which SEO Tools Are Best?

SEO is an essential part of any business. It’s about ranking in search engines, building brand recognition, increasing sales, and attracting customers.

Many Google SEO tools are available in the market to help you with your SEO strategy. There are some free and other SEO tools that cost money. This post provides a detailed overview of the best SEO audit and reporting tools used for SEO and website optimization.


10 Best SEO Audit Tools in 2022

SEMrush is the best SEO audit tool for the industry. It is still one of the most popular tools in Australia and has been since its launch.

It provides a complete suite of SEO tools, including keyword research, SEO, link building, and backlink analysis. This tool also provides keyword research that is helpful for users who are new to SEO and those looking to improve their rankings on search engines, and that are why it is the best SEO tools for small businesses.

It helps you find out the issues related to your AMP implementation, JavaScript and HTML5 and consider it the best SEO audit tool. It does this by crawling through pages on the internet and flagging up issues.


  • This tool scans pages for more than 130 errors related to technical and SEO aspects.
  • It provides an intuitive way to visualize the results of SEO audits.
  • It sorts search results based on advanced filters.
  • It categorizes SEO problems into three categories, according to their severity: Errors, Warnings, and Notices.
  • It is the best SEO audit tool because it integrates with Google Analytics.
  • It also generates themes reports.
  • It provides insights to resolve issues.
  • It compares crawls to compare SEO audit results.


  • It’s easy to analyze a domain – all the information you need is in one place, and it’s presented clearly.
  • Provides a large amount of data, 
  • Link building functionality, which includes CRM-style outreach tools.
  • Its instructions are easy to follow, and it is the Best SEO tools for WordPress.
  • Contains a large amount of PPC data.


  • It only supports Google Search Engine.
  • Subscription plans allow only one user account.
  • There is a limit of one project per user.



SpyFU is another search engine optimization research company that provides a comprehensive search engine audit for any website. It helps companies to optimize their website for the best possible results.

It helps you find out what keywords are being used by your competitors, so it is considered the best SEO audit tool. It also allows you to understand the competition’s strategies and how they’re using them. You can use SpyFu to identify where your competitors focus their marketing efforts and tactics. It’s one of the best SEO audit tools.


  • It identifies vulnerabilities resulting from Google updates.
  • It provides a list of unique words that other companies are ranking and you are not.
  • It identifies the terms that aren’t relevant for you.
  • It shows the SEO performance history over the past 15 years.
  • It identifies potential ranking opportunities.
  • It compares your content to competition to let you know what you need to do to rank higher


  • You can search various kinds of domains.
  • It performs traditional SEO functions. It also helps businesses establish partnerships and generate quality sales leads.
  • It provides reliable tools to analyze the rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.
  • It increases your marketing effectiveness.


  • In some cases, such as when dealing with competitors, pay-per-click (PPC) reports have been inexact and imprecise.
  • Its user interface sometimes felt cluttered and less organized.
  • Several users found the keywords displayed unrelated and needed a manual search in this best SEO audit tool.
  • Its ad estimate spends just a rough guide, and one cannot rely on it entirely.

3-Screaming Frog:

Screaming Frog

Like others, it is the best SEO audit tool to identify the most popular keywords on your website. In contrast to most tools available for this purpose, the Screaming Frog tool is the best. It is the non-cloud-based product. This software is installed, and then it starts working. 

It crawls through your website and identifies all the relevant keywords search engines use to rank your site in search results. It then generates a report with all the data it has collected.


  • It analyzes internal links and URL structure.
  • It detects 404s links and faulty servers.
  • Its report displays URLs blocked by meta robots, X-Robots-Tag directives and robots.txt.
  • It integrates with PageSpeed Insights APIs, Google Analytics, and GSC (Google Search Console).
  • It creates XML sitemaps as well as Image XML sitemaps.
  • It identifies duplication.
  • It gets data from HTML pages based on CSS Paths, XPaths, and regexes.
  • It ensures that meta descriptions and titles are accurate, making it the best SEO audit tool.


  • When you are processing big websites (over a million URLs), you can use it for scraping, find hard-to-see technical issues, run faster, and manage your resources more efficiently.
  • You can use it for almost anything you want, and it costs a fraction of the price of other top crawlers. The interface is straightforward.
  • It is the best SEO reporting tools. With On-Page SEO, I can crawl any website (whether it’s a client’s or competitors) and get a complete view of its on-page SEO.


  • Its price makes it apparent that not everyone can afford it. First-time users may find it challenging to use screaming frog; its user interface can also be complex.
  • When you use Screaming Frog for the first time, it can be challenging to set up and analyze.
  • Compared to some competitors, Screaming Frog is not precisely fast at exporting data, and it chokes on huge crawls.



Ahrefs provides valuable data on your website’s performance as the best SEO reporting tool. It also includes detailed information on your competitors’ websites and their strategies. The data generated by Ahrefs is beneficial for SEO professionals looking to improve their rankings.

It provides a variety of SEO tools and features. The suite consists of Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Site Audit tool, and Rank Tracker.


  • It analyzes your site both on desktops and on mobile devices.
  • It produces content using JavaScript on any web page.
  • It crawls sites automatically every day, every week, and every month.
  • SEO issues – including inward outward links, resources, hreflang, and duplicates.
  • It allows custom different filters, making it the best SEO reporting tool.
  • It provides actionable suggestions on how to correct SEO problems.
  • It displays crawl data in real-time.


  • The tool can research keywords for many search engines, including YouTube.
  • Many tools available, such as keyword research, backlink analysis, and site auditing, are commonly required in an SEO project.
  • Ahrefs makes it easy to check broken links (internal and external), so it is the best SEO reporting tool.
  • It allows you to access lab data and field data from one place and review Core Web Vitals performance.
  • A broad range of websites can be verified with Ahrefs’ extensive “domain verification system” for a reasonable price.
  • Ahrefs has added seats at a relatively affordable price compared to its counterparts.


  • There isn’t a free trial period.
  • This site has a lower link index than its main competitors.
  • Phone support is not available.

5-Google Search Console:

Google search console

Google Webmaster Tools allows webmasters to analyze their site and optimize it for search engines. The tool provides a whole cluster of search performance metrics. So much so that Google has even built a feature in its CMS called Google Search Console SEO audit, which shows you the current ranking position of your site.

Scanning these insights to understand how your site is performing indexation and accessibility would be recommended. On top of that, it provides information about your AMPs, structured data, HTML, content quality, and broken links This information makes it on the list of best SEO audit tools.


  • It tracks, monitors, and tests Accelerated Mobile Pages pages.
  • It emphasizes pages with 500 or 404 errors and failed indexing attempts.
  • It provides a keyword tool that helps you analyze the performance of your keywords.
  • It lets you see how well your keywords are performing.
  • It generates a customized audit report for you and considers the best SEO reporting tools.
  • It sends you email alerts as soon as Google identifies problems with your website.
  • It checks your index coverage.
  • It provides you with information about searches that leads to traffic on your website.
  • It deals with user experience issues, considered the best SEO audit tool.


  • It is easy to track the growth and links of your website. 
  • It identifying problems with your website is easy. 
  • UX and UI are both clean and neat. 
  • This helps you increase traffic to your website. 


  • An average position is sometimes inaccurate.
  • It is not possible to submit an HTML sitemap. 
  • Often, errors don’t get updated and keep repeating. 



GTmetrix is the best SEO audit tool to check if your website performs well. This is not a website crawler but a means to test your web pages and suggest improving their performance.

In a few seconds, you can find out how fast your page loads, the size of your page, and whether there are any performance issues such as caching or image scaling.

GTmetrix covers a total of 25 SEO parameters. It is considered the best SEO audit tool.


  • It provides a real-time view of your page’s load.
  • It simulates page performance on more than 20 smartphones and tablets.
  • You can assess loading issues by slowing down the playback speed up to four times.
  • It shows four performance metrics graphs – Web Vitals, Page Size, Page Timings, Request Counts, and Performance/Structure Scores.
  • It measures website performance using Google Lighthouse.
  • It shows performance milestones like the Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift, and Total Blocking Time.
  • It emphasizes user experience metrics.


  • It is a very user-friendly best SEO audit tool, and even the free account provides tons of valuable resources for improving the performance of your website.
  • Tests are performed against two metrics, and it offers options such as server location and measuring only on load events.
  • Tests can be performed from a specific server location.


  • Often it puts too much weight on data that isn’t that relevant.
  • Its test results are very different from one to the next, which can be frustrating.



OnCrawl is one of the leading SEO software providers and best SEO audit tools. It has a suite of tools that help you make smarter decisions about your website and content for your websites. OnCrawl is a web-based SEO audit tool. It will check your content quality and the overall site architecture and speed.

It helps you to assess the technical status of your site. It analyzes the different parts of your website, including pages, images, files, and databases.


  • It ensures that your internal linking is accurate.
  • It adapts segmentation to any dataset.
  • It crawls data in order to determine associations.
  • It identifies duplicates based on similarity ratio.
  • It indicates how content is affecting SEO.
  • It obtains new insights from the cross-analysis of blended data.
  • It determines how new policies will impact your site.
  • It shows newly crawled pages.
  • It uses JavaScript to render data.
  • It gives insights into your HTML architecture, performance, and quality.
  • It gives suggestions for improving SEO.
  • It identifies the factors that affect the crawl ability of your site.


  • The graphics are easy to understand and simple to use. OnCrawl’s graphics and graphs present the results clearly and intuitively.
  • It crawls an unlimited number of URLs depending on the package selected – and it does so at a rate of 300 per second, making it one of the fastest crawl tools available.
  • Users can rest assured that they will stay on the right side of the law with full GDPR compliance. 
  • Its support team consists of experienced SEOs and engineers – so you’ll be working with knowledgeable individuals!
  • It can support sites with literally millions of pages, making it the best SEO audit tool.
  • Our plans all include custom reporting, which is essential for many businesses.   


  • This tool is a little more expensive than other tools, but to be honest, its performance reflects this price difference.
  • Keyword research and monitoring are not currently included in the tool, so users will need to use another tool.
  • Some advanced options may require users to contact support.
  • As of yet, it does not have full alerting capabilities.

8-SE Ranking:


Backlink tracking, keyword research, PPC analysis, website audit, and social media management are among the services SE Ranking specializes in and make it the best SEO audit tool.

In general, the auditing tool crawls your website and analyzes its performance, search engine optimization parameters, image optimization, user experience problems, as well as meta tags and meta headers. When it’s complete, it makes a full report of all the problems and then goes on to provide you insight into how to deal with them. That’s why it’s considered the best SEO audit tool.


  • It quickly creates sitemaps.xml.
  • It allows you to specify what constitutes an SEO error.
  • It tracks your progress dynamically by comparing your website audit instances over time.
  • It provides actionable tips for optimizing your site.
  • It includes a comprehensive link analysis.
  • It measures the speed of your pages.
  • It identifies pages with duplicate meta tags.
  • It highlights all technical errors that negatively impact your search engine rankings.
  • This includes test domains.
  • It analyzes whether content is friendly, optimized for keywords and many other things.
  • It checks your index status.
  • It identifies the most commonly used words, listing the best SEO audit tools.
  • It analyzes critical parameters of your website.


  • It is one of the most accurate SEO rank tracking tools on the market
  • It provides the most accurate historical rankings
  • It has options of Advanced competitor research 
  • Its various extra features: from tags to collaboration


  • It may take a long time for ranking information to be updated
  • For some features, you need the Business plan
  • New users may find the interface overwhelming



DeepCrawl is the best SEO audit tool and website crawler that gives you detailed data and metrics on your website’s health. In particular, you can improve user experience on the site, assess its architecture, migrate your SEO settings, and get out of Google Panda’s penalties with this tool.

As well as testing your XML sitemaps and tracking your SEO progress history, DeepCrawl also examines tags that are canonical for your website, page titles, meta headers, and meta descriptions.


  • It is the best SEO audit tool because it analyzes your website’s technical health.
  • It enables you to specify scripts for crawling.
  • It obtains your site’s breadcrumbs and schema.
  • It performs an audit of e-commerce product pages.
  • It detects missing alt tags for images.
  • It crawls the page rendering.


  • It is the most comprehensive and popular website crawler we tested.
  • A guide to on-page SEO.
  • It has easy to use modern interface.
  • It has the integration of google analytics and the google search console.
  • It has tracking of backlinks.
  • It has Metrics for amps.
  • It can be breakdowns of desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.


  • The entire responsibility is site crawling.
  • We do not support keyword research, position monitoring, or web-wide indexing.
  • If you don’t know what you’re looking for, the amount of crawled data can be overwhelming.



SERPsim is a tool that can help SEOs identify where their traffic goes and what link farms they may have missed out on.

SEO is not an easy task, and it requires a good understanding of the issue from both sides. Targeting keywords, understanding the targeted search phrases, answering queries and which keywords to target, and optimizing for those keywords are all important aspects that need proper care before launching an SEO campaign.

SERP is the best SEO audit tool that can display snippets of your ranking on Google. You can check your page headers, for instance, by comparing them with Google’s current pixel length limit. You can then share and save the snippets after you’ve finished using SERPsim.


  • It has a feature that lets you save a screenshot of your SERP preview.
  • Data from the Google snippet tool can be copied to the clipboard.
  • It provides the ability to share projects with colleagues and customers.
  • It retrieves titles, descriptions from the URL.


  • It is the best SEO audit tool that can collect international data and search for keyword variations
  • Different web pages are checked for relevance
  • Monitoring the results of universal searches
  • Analyzing your competitors’ ad budgets and strategies


  • For heavy websites, auditing takes a long time
  • Sometimes displays inaccurate keywords

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The following questions are people concerned about when they are going to select SEO Audit Tool for their website:

What do you know about the SEO audit tool?

The SEO optimization tools are valuable for online marketers looking for SEO errors. You can get a report based on three major categories: technical, content, and external links with just your URL.

What are the benefits of SEO audit tools?

Digital marketers and agencies use the best SEO reporting tools to find out what is wrong with a website and fix it, to check optimization, increase traffic, and user satisfaction.

What is the purpose of SEO Audit tools?

This audit’s objective is to identify issues affecting organic search as much as possible. Google SEO tools will identify the following:

  1. Customer issues
  2. Analyze Competitor website 
  3. Possible On-page and off-site issues
  4. Website structure issues
  5. Issues related to SEO
  6. Opportunities and gaps in content

For an SEO audit, what are the elements you will consider?

  1. Indexing and crawling.
  2. Competitive analysis.
  3. Convenience.
  4. Analysis of the links.
  5. Analysis of the keywords.
  6. Assessment of the contents.
  7. Optimization of the web pages.
  8. Architect and designer of the site.

Which are the best SEO tools for small businesses?

SEO tools are used to follow the progress of SEO audits. These tools help in understanding and analyzing SEO strategy. Also, these tools help analyze the performance of your site and optimize it for search engines.

The Best SEO tools for WordPress will help you get accurate trends, updates, and suggestions for improving your website’s performance and optimize it for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! You can choose the best SEO Audit tool after reading this article.

In what aspect do we compare SEO audit tools?

When comparing tools, the following should be considered:

  1. An information presentation: Basically, how the results of a scan are presented. Could a small business owner (for example) understand them without SEO knowledge, or do they require in-depth analysis?
  2. Analysis In-depth: To what extent does the site audit probe into the issues. Are you only concerned with basic elements like meta tags and image alt tags, or do you go deeper and examine technical aspects?
  3. Data export and schedule: In addition to this functionality, you should also test these tools’ effectiveness.

What do you know about SEO audit reports?

By conducting an SEO audit, you can determine how well your website adheres to best practices.

In how many parts has the SEO Audit report been decided?

An SEO audit report consists of three parts:

  1. Audit results.
  2. Recommendations for improvement; and
  3. Feedback mechanism. Which type of feedback would you provide to the team?


Today, SEO is easier than ever. However, using the right tools is the key to winning this game. 

After reading our list of the ten best, I hope you’ve now gained a better understanding of the best SEO audit tools for your business.

Let’s summarize our discussion:

SEMrush is my top recommendation. Both beginners and experts can benefit from this powerful tool.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console cannot be beaten for free options. Together, these tools will allow you to get valuable insights that will help you improve your content marketing strategy. Whether you choose the free or premium version of SEO optimization tools, the device you choose has the features you need to ensure exceptional results from your SEO effort.

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