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7 Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2022.

A point-of-sale (POS) system for restaurants seems to be a must-have in every restaurant. Your POS system could do a wide range of tasks depending on the technology you choose. It saves more time concentrating on other elements of your company, such as devising a plan to acquire new consumers.

POS systems can assist you with inventory management, accepting gift cards, and tracking sales. Although cheapest POS systems provide the same fundamental operations, they might differ significantly in added features, pricing, and customer service. When selecting a POS system for a restaurant, think about if it enables you to divide checks, allocate seats, and add tips.

We examined several of the largest restaurant POS systems and identified their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to find out the 7 best restaurant POS systems in 2022 what to search for in a POS system and just how much you should anticipate spending.

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Vital benefits of best restaurant POS Systems

Firstly not only must you serve outstanding cuisine and deliver excellent service, but you must also keep a record of everything from staff hours to inventories to financial flow. A POS system for restaurants becomes an approach to speed up the process.

A point-of-sale system (POS) is more than simply a sophisticated cash register. Yes, sales can and should track by the cheapest POS system. But it could also be doing a lot more, such as:

  • Credit card handling
  • Taking orders at the table
  • Creating a link between sales and staff to decrease theft
  • Orders are sent to the kitchen.
  • Order Error Reduction
  • Monitoring the much more popular menu options and food consumption
  • Performing the function of a timer
  • Putting together financial statement
  • Sales Tax Calculation
  • Assisting with paycheck preparation
  • Using a food cost percentage to calculate menu pricing
  • Providing upsell suggestions
  • Putting together client loyalty programs
  • Creating focused marketing campaigns
  • Real-time management of your floor
  • Accepting online orders

Finally, a POS system is among the most critical pieces of technology you can invest in your restaurant.

1-Square POS:


Especially restaurant, Square POS, has a wide variety of functions. It includes powerful menu management systems, including customized layouts and item categorization, to make best sellers more accessible quicker. Bulk additions allow you to swiftly update your menus with different varieties and a plethora of other foods.

A wide choice of third-party connections can assist you in making delivery and pickup as simple as possible. You may also integrate third-party solutions for staff time monitoring and customer bookings. Square’s excellent order management software lets you handle the whole of your orders from such a single interface if they are completed by DoorDash, Postmates, or even your drivers.

Furthermore, Square includes an easy-to-use table management tool that allows you simply click-and-drag tables that accept additional customers as well as rearrange them to make extra room. You can watch every table in your restaurant and observe which are to move and who have recently sat.

Square’s comments are also excellent. It provides top-line summaries and in-depth analyses of your sales particular sector, product, and payment method. You may also track general trends and how many things comp throughout shifts.

The COVID-19 from Square has:

The (free) Online Store add-on for Square POS offers the cheapest POS system for curbside pickup and online purchasing, digital gift cards, and interactions with third-party delivery systems. For in-person eating, the software’s tables maps function may improve management performance through arranging table layouts that retain users separated. At the same time, waiters can receive contactless payment and deliver information to the kitchen even while keeping separated.


  • To begin, there is no cost.
  • The hardware is sleek and fashionable.
  • Serves companies of all sizes across all industries.
  • Monitoring, inventories, and third-party connections are all excellent.


  • Some essential elements for mid-sized organizations are expensive.
  • Support options differ depending on the plan.

2-Epos Now:


Because of its excellent personnel management tools, Epos Now would be a perfect choice for more prominent eateries. Furthermore, it is not a one-trick pony and therefore can easily equal Square in terms of functionality. Epos Now’s well-thought-out personnel management solutions make it ideal for more prominent restaurants with a large crew.

For instance, you may give each employee a unique access code pin, which means they would only be able to obtain the portions of your POS that you would have granted them access to it. It means you may retain new servers away from significant services like business reporting until they’re appropriately educated and ready. Furthermore, Epos Now provides complete staff clock-in and clock-out functionalities, enabling you to ensure that everyone is on time and that all of their time is paid for – allowing you to pay your employees for the correct amount of hours worked.

Epos Now also provides extensive training sessions. For $35 per month, you could offer your workers unlimited software training sessions. That may seem costly, but it will undoubtedly benefit your company by decreasing mistakes and increasing efficiency. One-time training sessions are also available for $175 each.

Epos Now also includes comprehensive inventories as well as stock management capability. It also enables you to bulk export items, which is useful when you’re just starting or even when you’ve got ample supplies. You may also categorize your inventory, which is helpful if you want to make sure you have enough strawberries for your cheesecake and your daiquiris. You may even divide your list among eat-in and takeout options.

Epos Now also provides over 80 third-party connectors to make your life simpler. Accordingly, it may use Xero to manage your bookkeeping, Appointedd for reservation management, and Nettl and Mailchimp for eCommerce and online marketing.

COVID-19 from Epos Now includes:

Takeout, delivery, and collection are all supported by Epos Now, which is handy for distance. However, to receive cashless delivery, consumers will need to purchase the Epos Now Order & Pay system, which is a costly add-on. A BigCommerce system helps online storefronts. On its website, the firm also offers printables COVID distancing signs — though they’re dangerously British, instructing customers to “queue” and stay two “meters” away, so they’re not much help to US diners.


  • Setup is quick and straightforward.
  • Staff training simplifies because of the user-friendly UI.
  • Suitable with a wide range of barcode readers as well as receipt printers
  • Inexpensive


  • Reporting is too simple.
  • Service quality terms, and there is no knowledge base.
  • There is no kiosk option.

3-TouchBistro POS:


This content restaurant POS would reinforce through its customer service team and low price: Its solution has over 200 functions that cover practically everything that most eateries would ever require.

TouchBistro offers a variety of applications to meet the individual demands of various restaurant enterprises. Its Full-Service app, for example, is intended for typical restaurants, but that also provides Quick Service, Pubs and Nightclubs, Fast Food, and Brewery applications to help companies get the features they want.

TouchBistro provides a robust tableside order management tool and consumable menus, which reduces mistakes and comped items. You may also use this program to make custom table layouts and utilize them to locate your most valued tables, add additional seats, modify parties, and so more. If necessary, servers would communicate orders straight to the kitchen through various kitchen printers or displays.

Menu control in TouchBistro allows you to design, update, and publish custom menus to such POS software and add and delete menu items mainly on the fly. Low inventory notifications will keep you informed of what’s available and avoid consumers from purchasing out-of-stock products.

TouchBistro’s inventory management enables you to monitor which goods sell and the components that can go into every dish; therefore, you understand when you need to restock on cherries or pasta instead of everything that goes into your spaghetti Pomodoro. You may even measure profit margins with each item to see which provide the greatest, the worst, and the financial return.

TouchBistro may also generate daily reports for top management based on data received by the platform. For example, you can discover which tables are perhaps the most common, when it should include food products in a promotion, and which waiters work the quickest.

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The COVID-19 from TouchBistro includes:

TouchBistro’s online booking system works in tandem with their POS. Still, it is not free, and the complimentary year-long experiment promised mainly in the early months of the epidemic is no longer available. A floor layout, kiosks, including tableside ordering include in the basic POS. There seem to be third-party delivery interfaces available. The booking managing add-on allows people to request orders from various online platforms, including web applications, mobile apps, and Google Reservations.


  • The UI is versatile and user-friendly.
  • The staff, as well as inventory control, is excellent.
  • The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days


  • The pricing plan gets determined by the number of users.
  • Only compatible with Apple iPods and laptops.

4-Revel POS:


Revel’s tableside booking method will assist your team in eliminating mistakes with its simple, iPad-based setup. Furthermore, the seamless connection to kitchen monitors will help speed up delivery, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Floor layouts, as well as table control, are also straightforward. You can set out the whole dining area and shift groups around with a few touches. You may also utilize this feature’s insights to enable conditions as well as slow-turning tables.

Revel additionally provides a comprehensive reporting system to assist you in analyzing and improving your sales success. Digital menus would assist employees in upselling, and you will be able to monitor and reward loyal consumers and understand what is or is not performing well.

Revel’s iPad-based technology solutions also give it much leeway. Self-checkouts are also enabled, which frees up personnel to meet demand instead of scribbling them down.

Revel, like TouchBistro, seems to have an ingredient-level inventory control tool. On the other hand, Revel has a comprehensive driver dispatch tool for deliveries and in-depth money management that keep track of every penny. It even has accounting tools.

The COVID-19 from Revel POS includes:

Editable table arrangements, tableside ordering, bookings, and online/mobile delivery service control, are all available in Revel’s POS for a small restaurant. Self-order kiosks are indeed accessible, although only with Quick Service-oriented POS systems.


  • Easy-to-use user – friendly interface
  • A good selection of client connection tools
  • For specialized reporting, use the Analytics app.


  • Monthly fees begin at $99 per month.

5-Upserve POS – Ideal POS for small restaurant:


Upserve was created exclusively for such catering and hotel sectors, and then it shows. It offers a different training environment for recruiting staff, which means you can assist improve your employee’s experience with the system while putting actual orders at risk.

Upserve also allows for total bill sharing for clients who do not have a wealthy donor to pay throughout the whole dinner. With its five-inch tablet, it also offers complete tableside ordering. Your employees would be able to accept payment from customers from a single device, conserving your effort and speeding up table turnovers. Upserve also provides online ordering and delivery, albeit the latter comes at an additional cost.

Upserve takes pride in its reporting tools. Its simple dashboards may assist you in identifying patterns in the operation of your business. These may assist you in improving employee performance, increasing visitor retention, predicting popular meals, and identifying VIP consumers. Upserve has a support crew that is always available, and its wide range of capabilities make it such an appealing alternative for rapid or full-service organizations.

The COVID-19 from Upserve includes:

Online table booking and online ordering, including in pickup, are useful COVID-19 features from Upserve, having delivery available as such an add-on.


  • A variety of tabletop features
  • In-depth menu control
  • Specialized training modalities
  • A broad selection of hardware is compatible.


  • There is no free option as well as a free trial.
  • Some capabilities are only available on more expensive plans.

6-Toast POS:


Toast allows your waiters to take orders from guests at the table and communicate these to your kitchen and bartenders. In addition, servers may accept payments through EMV cards and Samsung Pay.

A specialized budgetary control module allows managers to evaluate labor and dish expenses while accounting for variable overhead costs for a clear, unified overall income picture. It will enable you to have a comprehensive grasp of where your business is gaining and losing money.

Toast enables online ordering, which allows you to construct a public-facing website where your customers may make orders. Menus updates in real-time, linking to Toast’s delivery dispatching tool to expedite orders. It may also customize the site to match the logo of your business.

Toast also provides excellent inventory management tools. You can even keep track of waste.

Toast’s COVID-19 incudes:

Toast’s COVID pandemic response features include an online purchasing system. However, the most beneficial features find in “Toast Now,” an entirely virtual service that supports takeaway, sidewalk pickup, cashless delivery, and online ordering.


  • Excellent for Android apps
  • Menu customizing is robust.
  • Tableside orders, as well as payments, are supported.


  • It is not compatible with iOS devices.
  • Specialized hardware is required.

7-Clover POS:


Clover POS is well-known in the financial sector. In reality, Clover’s hardware is used by several Best Payment Processing Firms. Its Station and Mini models are ideal for use at the supermarket checkout and behind the cafe, whereas the portable Flex is ideal for on-the-go service.

You may consider paying on hardware, additional payments, and transaction processing using Clover’s cloud-based POS. Clover implementation may be costly, especially for small organizations. For instance, when you choose a Station, you might wind up paying more than $1,300 on equipment. Clover’s counter-service POS charges $39.95 per month, plus $9.95 for each additional device. In the meantime, its comprehensive POS system for restaurants charges $69.95 every month, an additional $9.95 for each different device.

Clover’s online payment cost of 2.3 percent plus 10 cents, including in credit card payments, is comparable to, if not somewhat lower than, the fees charged by the majority of the in-house online payments we studied. Customers may also value Clover’s upfront price.

Clover POS has a plethora of restaurant-specific capabilities. You may pre-authorize bar tabs, modify orders, and grant certain personnel rights. Clover has just developed a scan-to-order ability, which enables consumers to scan the QR code, make their decision, as well as pay – all without using their hands.


  • Merchants adore it; there have been relatively few complaints
  • The simplicity of using it for everything from day-to-day tasks to monitoring and transaction investigations.


  • Apps within the “additional tools” app are pretty ambiguous.
  • Make a turntable through into the countertop unit so that both staff and the customer may use the tablet.


Contactless payments, touchscreen displays, and other hardware and software seem to be part of a restaurant POS system. Now, we’ve seen with the 7 best restaurant POS systems in 2022, bravely and TouchBistro seem to be ideal for small enterprises.

Overall, according to the expert’s research, the square is one of the best POS systems for restaurants. It combines class-leading functionality with an easy-to-use UI. It also offers excellent customer assistance services, which could come in handy if anything goes wrong. Furthermore, its straightforward price structure ensures that there have been no hidden expenses, and you would only be required to pay for the service after you begin producing money on your own. You may start using Square right now.

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