Best Time Tracking Software

7 Best Time Tracking Software for 2022.

Do you remember the saying, “Time is Money”? It is a well-known fact that working professionals are always looking to increase their productivity. Getting more work done in less time is the best way to accomplish this with the help of the best time tracking software.

Keeping track of time becomes extremely important when so many things are dependent on it. How can your business avoid such losses? Keeping employees’ time tracking is a simple solution.

Best Time Tracking Software
Time Tracking is important

Time Tracking Software

Employees time tracking software is a type of software that helps you to track the time spent on various tasks. It allows you to record the time spent on different tasks and compare your actual time against the estimated time. You can then determine how much time was spent on each task, which ones were completed, and which ones were not.

Does anyone use them? Management and employees use them most commonly to monitor work hours for billing, payroll, or operations. Employers use them to automate payrolls and customer billing and capture employee time spent on assigned tasks.

In addition, they can provide insights into your business, such as which projects take the longest to complete or cost the most money, giving you the chance to plan your budgets accordingly.


7 Best Time Tracking Software in 2022

  1. Time Doctor – Best-In-Class Employees time tracking software
  2. Toggl – Time Tracking Made Simple
  3. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) – Tracks employee time efficiently
  4. Harvest – Perfect time tracking app for small businesses
  5. – Cheapest time tracking software
  6. TimeCamp – Ideal for agencies
  7. Hubstaff – Best for monitoring employee productivity

By keeping an eye on the clock and logging everything manually without employees time tracking software, you would have to rely on your memory or track time from your memory. It is not practical or effective at scale.

This article will give you an in-depth analysis of the best personal time tracking software available on the market today. Following are the features, benefits, prices, and possible drawbacks of each.

1-Time Doctor:

Time doctor

Our top pick is Time Doctor. It offers the basic functionality of personal time tracking and advanced features, such as monitoring employees and creating dashboards for clients.

Time Doctor increases productivity at work for more than 83,000 businesses. Your existing business tools, such as invoicing and payment systems, can be integrated with Time Doctor. A detailed report about how people spend their time will also be available to you.

You’ll be alerted when you wander off task when using Time Doctor. A time tracking app is also available. It can tell you which apps and websites are the most popular across all devices. You can also use it to keep track of project budgets.

Time Doctor software is priced based on how many users you have. The price varies depending on your company’s size.

Starting at $24 a month, enterprise pricing is available. 



If you want the basics, Toggl is the best option. It allows you to track your time in a very simple and easy way. You can easily see how much time you spend on each task and how much time you have left for the day. It shows you the total number of hours worked and statistics about your progress.

Employees time tracking can begin with a single click, regardless of whether you’re following up on a previous task or setting up a new one.

Whenever you forget to track a task, Toggl will send you a reminder. Toggl is compatible with more than 100 apps. Data is synchronized across all devices.

You can assign billable rates to specific tasks in Toggl, and you can manage projects with detailed reports.

Toggl has a lot of advanced features, which is its strongest point. A dashboard allows you to monitor your teams’ productivity levels using data visualization and labor cost comparison.

Although Toggl still has some limitations, its features are getting better. This software does not have as comprehensive employee monitoring or reporting capabilities as some of the other options on our list.

Toggl provides a monthly subscription price of $9 per user, charged annually. 

You will have access to all of Toggl’s features during the trial period. You will be able to determine which plan is right for you.

3-Quick Books Time:

quickbook time

The payroll feature makes it easy to streamline processes. You’ll be able to sync it with your books, and it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional punch clocks. This can greatly reduce payroll processing times.

Among all-time tracking apps available, QuickBooks Time is arguably the best. The technology uses geofencing to automatically clock your staff into and out of a predefined area when they enter or exit.

If your employees frequently work in the field, then this is great.

Besides scheduling and time management tools, QuickBooks Time provides insights into employee performance reports.

The base fee is $15 per month for a user with an $8 monthly plan. Basic plans begin at $10 per month with a $30 monthly base fee, while advanced plans include geofencing and project estimates vs. actuals reporting.

The first three months of your subscription are 25% off for a limited time. A free 14-day trial of QuickBooks Time without a credit card is required.



Harvest is a personal time tracking solution with basic features and advanced features such as invoicing, scheduling, and project management.

More than 50,000 companies trust harvest’s employees time tracking tools. Small businesses will especially benefit from the software.

Harvest lets you keep track of the tasks your employees are assigned. You’ll know exactly how much everyone is working, when and how much they will receive. Identifying your best-performing team members is easy to identify who is overworked.

On Harvest, the billing hours are tracked and displayed from the same dashboard. You can set up automatic reminders to remind your team to submit timesheets after approving weekly timesheets.

Anyone can easily create invoices for clients using the software. Clients can receive invoices instantly. You can also get paid quickly with Harvest’s integration with Stripe and PayPal.

The integration of Harvest with accounting software is a great way to save time and make sure that your books are always up-to-date. Harvest might be a little too complicated for you if all you need is simple personal time tracking app. It is, however, extremely affordable despite its many features.

There is a monthly charge of $12 per person for Harvest. Harvest also offers a free time tracker forever plan for solo users. The paid version is needed only if you need to track employees within a team.

For 30 days, try Harvest free time tracking app.


timesheets is an employees time tracking software. It is designed to make it easier for employees to track their time and expenses. It also helps the employer to keep track of employee performance so that they can be more productive.

Payroll and billable time calculations are based on employee hours tracked by this service. There is a leave management system for time off and PTO, which allows employees to request time off, supervisors to approve them, and accrual calculations to be done automatically.

Mileage and expense tracking is a function that allows you to track expenses and upload receipts directly from your phone. This feature allows you to avoid wasting time on tedious tasks such as data entry.

Among our list of price comparisons,’s is the most affordable. It’s free time tracker for freelancers and individuals. It costs $4.50 per month per user for businesses to use this time tracking software. You’ll receive one month free time tracker when you sign up for annual billing. Nonprofit organizations receive 20% off.

A report-generation or project management function is not available on 

Get 14 days of free time tracker at



Business owners needing to track billable hours will love TimeCamp. This is why it is the top choice among agencies and freelancers alike.

Assigning time to specific projects will be automatic with the software. No clicking is required.

There are several ways to use TimeCamp, including a desktop application, a web application, and a mobile application.

You can also track team attendance with TimeCamp tools. The integration with your existing project and task management apps is easy.

TimeCamp can also generate invoices. The invoices will automatically populate according to the settings you choose for each task, hourly rate, or user.



You can generate reports on your team’s activity, apps, and URLs using Hubstaff.

A desktop, web, and mobile app are available for tracking time.

Whenever your team is on-site or on the road, Hubstaff uses GPS tracking to keep you updated. 

Get two months for free when you join the annual billing plan. Hubstaff offers a free trial of 14 days, during which you can try it for two weeks.

You can also find very valuable information about the best client management software here.

Advantages of best Time Tracking software

Time tracking apps are essential for preventing time theft, but there are several other reasons to use them. 

importance of time

Productivity increases with time tracking apps

We all know that productivity is not something we can control. But there are several tools out there that help you improve your productivity at work. Personal time tracking tools enable your team to be more productive. Everyone understands their responsibilities and is on the same page because deadlines become transparent and regulated. This makes it easier to identify and resolve any wasted time.

Conducting productivity audits can help you determine which tasks take longer than others. 

Transparency at Work

By employees time tracking, recording, and maintaining working hours accurately, disputes can be avoided. The personal time tracking software helps employees get an idea of how much time they have spent on their jobs and provides them with data that can be used to evaluate their performance. This information can then be used as a reference when planning their next job or when they are looking for new opportunities.

Performance appraisal is an important process in many companies. Evaluating a person’s performance is a very time-consuming and laborious one. However, it can be reduced to a minimum if the metrics used to evaluate the performance are based on data-driven metrics.

Observe the Status of a Job

When so many people are working on different parts of a project, and multiple projects are underway simultaneously, it can be challenging to keep track of tasks and jobs as a manager.

Each job can be tracked using personal time tracking tools and software. Your manager will have an easier time monitoring the progress of any department or team.

Minimize Micromanagement

Many people have different work hours and different priorities in the workplace. It can be frustrating to check up on them every time they go home or leave for lunch or dinner. This can be avoided by using employees time tracking software.

The personal time tracking tools now allow you to eliminate the time wasted on micro-managing every employees’ work by presenting you all the tasks assigned to them. They help you get a complete picture of your employees’ work and make sure that they are not wasting their time on tasks that are not important for them.

The key to productivity is to envision what you want to achieve and then map out the steps to get there.

Review Team Performance and Incentives

Performance appraisal is a process that helps you evaluate an employee’s performance and growth. It is also used to determine how well your employees are doing in their respective roles.

Ultimately, it can also be used to identify areas of improvement by identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

A log of hours worked is a valuable tool for measuring the work done by an employee. It provides insight into the skills and abilities of a particular employee. The information is used to reward and motivate employees and compare performance across departments, teams, and individuals.

Analyze Profitability

We are all aware that work is a vital aspect of life. Therefore, it is important to get insight into what we are doing and what our performance looks like. Personal time tracking software allows you to do this by providing you with a visual representation of your time at work.

We have discussed a few of the best time tracking apps available for businesses. So without further ado, let’s get started with our list!


The personal time tracking software helps entrepreneurs track their time spent on their long-term goals and strategic plans. It also helps them understand what they are working on and how much time it takes to complete.

If you want to make the most of your working hours, you should work efficiently.

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