7 Best Client Management Software of 2022.

7 Best Client Management Software of 2022

Selecting the best client management software that is very effective for businesses’ growth is very crucial. Owners of small businesses understand how challenging it can be to manage the different aspects of running their businesses. You might be doing all the marketing, scheduling, invoicing, and customer communication. Or, if you are lucky enough to have employees, they might be handling some of these tasks for you.

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How would you feel if you could get some of your time back? What if there was software that could help with some or all of these tasks? If you are looking for ways to save time and get more done in less time, then client management software for consultants is worth checking out.

Client Management System:

Client management systems are applications that handle all the essential aspects of a client relationship to help businesses improve their relationship with clients.

Every business relies heavily on sales and marketing to succeed. Managing all aspects of this can be challenging, especially when managing several different clients. Client management software for small businesses helps with this by providing a centralized system that can be used for following up with your clients, finding new leads, and more.

Before selecting the best client management app, you should consider whether you need a cloud-based or on-premise client management solution. Small businesses can benefit from cloud-based solutions, gathering details about their requirements and reviewing the solutions accordingly.

Automated scheduling, workflow, performance checking, and recording are all part of the software. CRM systems can improve customer service experiences without being too early.

Contact Management vs. Client Management Software:

Small businesses most commonly use contact management software instead of client management tools. There should be client management software for consultants, past customers, and prospective customers. Contact management software is needed to organize contacts, while client management software is for consultants.

The market is flooded with CRM software solutions. It is important to evaluate which CRM solution is the best client management app for your company, depending on what specific features you need.

We have listed some of the leading software in this category. They all offer different features and benefits to their users. Some are easy to use, while others require more training and experience.

1.Bitrix24 – Automates, Integrates, and builds funnels for your business. Simple, free, and useful client management software for companies of all sizes

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud – Integrated dashboards, automated reporting, and auto-updating data

3. Zoho CRM – With automation, real-time analytics, custom reporting, and integrations, our relationship management software offers all these features and more

4. Freshsales 

5. Hubspot CRM – Managing clients has never been easier. Dashboards, reports, integrations, templates, etc. are included

6. Apptivo – Personalize your client management software by syncing dashboards, leads, alerts, and more

7Keap – Best for small to large businesses

Best Client Management Software:

Best client management software that offers customers a great client management experience, customize, automates tasks, and integrates effectively with external tools have been selected.



BITRIC24 is very incredible and the best client management software that is available online and on-premises. Sales teams will appreciate this software’s ability to turn prospects into loyal customers through its features.

Bitrix 24 sales funnel view is a great way to monitor your customers’ progress. The idea behind this view is that it helps you figure out what stage your customer is in at any given time. It also allows you to monitor how many prospects are in each stage of the funnel, which can help you plan for future marketing campaigns.

A great feature of Bitrix24 is its compatibility with numerous platforms. You can use it with most iOS, Android, and Mac devices. Bitrix24 is an all-in-one CRM solution that integrates with Slack, Skype, Office365, Xero, Zapier, Quickbooks, and more.

Bitrix24 can be operated on-premises or in the cloud. There is no charge for cloud storage. Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional plans are available. The free edition includes 5GB of cloud storage and allows unlimited users. 

Pricing of Bitrix 24:

bitrix pricing

The price goes up with successively higher plans because you get more features. A monthly subscription of $39 allows five users to access the 24-GB storage space. A monthly fee of $79 is charged for a plan that allows 50 users. Professional edition costs $159 a month; unlimited users can use it, and 1024GB of online storage is included. To test the system, get the Free version.

Why do we like:

  • Both on-premise and cloud-based
  • The free version is available.
  • storage is included in cloud editions.
  • Collaboration tools for teams.
  • information about customers in a database.

2-Salesforce Sales Cloud:

salesforce 1

Sales teams should use Salesforce Sales Cloud, which is the best client management software to manage leads more effectively and efficiently. You can review your contacts and communication history to better understand your customers’ priorities. 

The platform automatically updates data from external sources. You can provide a better customer experience by creating sophisticated customer profiles based on data integration.

Visual displays provide insight into customer preferences display customer insights. Customers who use Microsoft On-Premise can be viewed in a pie chart. The drag-and-drop feature lets you create sales forecasting reports to keep track of your sales team’s performance.

For enterprises interested in CRM solutions that provide visibility into lead preferences and the sales process, Salesforce Sales Cloud is recommended. Web-based and mobile applications are available. 

Pricing of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

sales cloud pricing

The subscription fee is $25 per month. Trial versions are also available.

Why do we like it:

  • An integrated CRM system
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Management of contacts
  • Workflows for following up

3-Zoho CRM:

Zoho crm

Zoho is the best Client management software for small businesses such as Zoho CRM makes custom management processes more efficient using artificial intelligence and automation tools. Automation workflow rules allow users to set up automatic actions to perform based on trigger conditions. If a user completes a particular activity, you can send them a welcome email.

Zoho CRM works with many third-party applications such as Slack, Office 365, G Suite, Shopify, etc., which lets you integrate your workflow easily without any hassle.

Zoho CRM is one of the most widely used customer relationship management systems since it is simple to use and cheaply priced. The monitoring capability is very flexible, and there are a variety of connectors available to ensure that it meets the demands of the vast majority of users. The platform is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones and via the web. 

Pricing of Zoho CRM:

zoho crm pricing

The monthly price starts at $20. For an annual subscription, you have to pay only $14. According to the annual payment plan, the highest plan, called Ultimate, costs $52 per month (£39.26) per user or $65 per month (£49.07). Try it free for 15 days.

What do we like:

  • AI-based
  • Analytics in real-time
  • App for mobile devices

4-Freshsales CRM:


Freshsales CRM has an email and phone feature integrated into the software. Deals and customer conversations are displayed on the dashboard. A lead scoring feature ranks them based on how much your leads interact with your company and how engaged they are. Most of your leads are likely to convert if they have the highest score.

The software also supports integrations. Many companies use this software to provide customer service and support. It also helps them to manage their customer relationships more efficiently.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective CRM that offers efficient automation features, Freshsales CRM is an excellent option. You can manage your customer relationships on the go with the mobile app for iOS and Android. It comes in four editions: free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise – with a monthly fee of $18 (£13.59) versus $15 (£11.32) with an annual fee. A free trial is available for 21 days.

freshsales pricing

Why do we like:

  • A free version is available.
  • Conditional branching in workflows.
  • The Click-to-Call function.

5-Hubspot CRM:


HubSpot CRM is a free client management tool that makes it easy for sales teams to oversee their sales process in real-time and manage clients. Information about team members, sales, contacts, and more can be found on dashboards. Hubspot CRM utilizes information provided by over 20 million companies to keep your contact data up to date.

When leads open your emails, Gmail and Outlook integrations notify you. 

Enterprises seeking a scalable, affordable CRM should consider Hubspot CRM. There are no restrictions on how many users can use Hubspot CRM. Hubspot offers three editions: starter, professional, and enterprise. Sign up today.

hubspot pricing 1

Why do we like:

  • Accessible for free.
  • Lists 20 million companies in its database.
  • Keeps track of the sales pipeline.



The free and best Client management software Apptivo makes it easier for small businesses to manage customers and leads. When a prospect fills out your Apptivo forms, the program generates leads automatically. It is also possible to import leads manually. 

The tool integrates other services such as Google Calendar, Quickbooks, WordPress, Office 365, G Suite, Slack, Xero. Events can be scheduled in Apptivo and Google Calendar. A midlevel marketing tool like Apptivo allows monitoring of prospects and customers.

 Pricing of Apptivo:

appitvo pricing

Paid users can get 1 GB of cloud storage per user with the Lite plan for $8 (£6.04) per month when billed annually or $10 (£7.55) per month when billed monthly. Sign up to get a free trial.

What do we like:

  • Available in the free edition.
  • Contact information for the creator.
  • Tracking the performance of your team.



Keap offers client management tools, Email Marketing, and appointment scheduling features. The software can also handle invoices, quotes, and payments. Client communication and financial transactions can be managed centrally.

In Keap, you will follow up and update your client records. You can integrate it with Gmail or Outlook.

Keap provides businesses with a phone number and text messaging services. By selecting from pre-written emails, you will save time. You can set up a process to notify new leads automatically.

Pricing of Keap:

keap pricing

Price plans include Keap Lite ($40 monthly), Keap Pro ($85 monthly), and keap Max ($100 monthly). Keap Lite and Keap Pro have a 14-day trial offer. They all include 500 contacts and a single user.

What is a Client Management Software?

Businesses utilize CRM software for accessing, managing, and analyzing customer data. CRM tool providers can gather customer data through multiple channels. There are several ways to gather information, including calling, sending emails, or using feedback forms.

CRMs allow companies to gain better insight into the customer journey and how different factors may influence customer behavior. Personalized sales strategies allow you to tailor your tactics to suit different segments of your audience. 

CRM solutions often connect numerous departments, including business intelligence, sales, customer service, marketing, and customer service. More and more companies have implemented CRM.

Is CRM Software Easy to Use?

CRM uses real-time customer and leads data to facilitate marketing, sales, or customer service activities. Some of the best Client management software requires a lot of training before it can be used effectively. This can cause frustration among employees who cannot use it properly. Other CRM software has an intuitive interface that makes it easier for people unfamiliar with technology. The goal should always be to ensure that employees are not struggling with their work because of complicated software.

What will be the number of people using the CRM? 

The number of people using the CRM software will depend on the industry it’s being used in. You could also look at how many potential customers you want to target in the future and then estimate how many employees will be needed for this task. For example, a healthcare company will need to track their patients’ information and contact them when necessary. A school would need to keep track of its students and teachers to communicate with them. A finance company would be in charge of managing their client’s data and transactions.


In this article, we have compared the 7 Best Client Management Software of 2022 which are very helpful to develop relationships with customers and clients that can benefit all businesses. You should use the best client management software to delight customers and discover new business opportunities.

The highly scalable and advanced features of Salesforce make it an excellent choice for enterprises looking for an enterprise-ready solution. A limited budget for CRM technology makes HubSpot a superb choice for beginners

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